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2-Day Employee Experience Design Course (Certificate)


(Engelstalig) Design Thinking is entering the world of Human Resources Management more and more. Therefore, this 2-Day program will bring you the latest insights and best practices on Design Thinking. As a result, it can create value for your human resources management. How can you develop a strategic employee focussed vision for HR? Or how can you create employee engagement? Interesting challenges where you can use Design Thinking at its best.

This high-energy 2-Day course will give you a common level of understanding of the Design Thinking principles. The key tools, terminology and how you can apply it to innovate in HR will be a big topic. The focus of this course will be hands-on, ‘learning-by-doing’. The tools we will practice during these two days are Stakeholder Mapping, Value Network Mapping, Personas, Employee Journey Mapping (Employee’s Insights), Service Scenario Mapping and Prototyping.

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The Employee Experience Design Course is also available in our Virtual Studio, interactive and online fun. Click here to learn more.


Discover the tools and techniques you need to design the Employee’s Experience that will better work in your organization. With personal coaching and feedback, you’ll be able to use your strengths to innovate in HR.
Learn how to:

Use Design Thinking to innovate in HR and create a human-centered organization, where people feel recognized, motivated and engaged;
Identify the priority personas (e.g., a manager, a new recruit, an experienced hire, etc.) and design HR policies and tools from the lens of these personas
Conduct focused research within your organization to gather important insights, such as empathic interviews, focus groups or employee’s satisfaction surveys;
Identify the moments that matter to the employees, and create rewarding journey maps of their employment experience.

This video gives you a glimpse of our Design Thinking Trainings with global companies:


The major part of the two days, however, will be focused on hands-on work on a general case using the different tools. The entire course is based on ‘learning-by-doing’, because that is at the core of Design Thinking. Furthermore, the tools we will be using are fundamental

in Design Thinking. Lastly, during this 2-day course you will be working on a general case. However, it is also possible to work on your own case or challenge by reflecting during the course on how you would integrate Design Thinking within your own case.


This course is for HR People that want to gain more insights into DT and as a result, demonstrate how they can apply this new methodology in their organization.


You will be guided through the Online Course by our highly experienced Facilitators. They have years of experience in working with Design Thinking and know the tips & tricks to guide you on this online learning journey how to implement it within your working environment.

Tim Schuurman is Co-Owner and Senior Facilitator at DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam. Tim is a motivated and energetic senior Facilitator within Business Strategy, Change Management and Design Thinking.

Jeroen van der Weide is a Partner and a creative minded Senior Facilitator at DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam. Jeroen is specialized in developing Creative Climates in organizations and helping people find solutions for business problems.


Na afronding van het programma ontvang je een certificaat van de DesignThinkers Academy. We sturen je alle tools en materialen waarmee je tijdens de training hebt gewerkt en krijg je toegang tot onze Learn & Development Library.


We can also offer you a tailor-made coaching program designed around your specific team objectives to guide you through the DT process.

, Please reach out to us for more information

Our main objective is to provide you with hands-on tools that you can use immediately the next day in your working environment.

Besides the training program you will be handed out a toolkit, certificate and access to the DT Academy Network virtual environment.

The end result is aimed at a transformation of the participants, knowledge of tools and methods, a deep understanding of the value of design, and professional & personal growth.

Over dit Evenement

Locatie: DT Academy, Nieuwe Leliestraat 13, 1015 SH, Amsterdam, Nederland

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Taal: Engels
Maximum aantal deelnemers: 15


Early Bird Prijs € 1.495,00

Standaardprijs € 1.595,00

Je ticket is inclusief een dagelijkse gezonde en heerlijke lunch, snacks en drankjes gedurende de dag. Alle tools en materialen zijn ook na de cursus beschikbaar voor persoonlijk gebruik. Een certificaat van DesignThinkers Academy wordt na het afronden van de programma aan deelnemers uitgereikt .

Prijzen zijn exclusief BTW. Voor teams, freelancers, overheids- en non-profitorganisaties is een korting beschikbaar.
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