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Rebuild Global Employee Ecosystem for Beverage Industries (Coca-Cola)

How can we support the Global Coca-Cola HR Department in redesigning its employee services?

DesignThinkers facilitated the redesign of Coca-Cola HR & the employee ecosystem. How can we demonstrate a human touch in the digital world we work in? Resulting in improved service scenarios for hiring and on-boarding for new Coca-Cola employees worldwide. The main outcome is a set of prototypes & roadmaps on how to implement these pilots.


How can we demonstrate a human touch in the digital world we work in? The idea was to treat the Coca-Cola employees we worked with, as customers of our services. Along with this new mindset came new emphasis on the experience of these services.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, we asked ourselves four key questions, focussing on getting a deeper understanding in customers’ desires, needs and pain points. The results will be put together in a customer journey map.

"The training course with top professionals from the Design Thinking field and the hands-on approach inspired my work as a human-centered design consultant. A wonderful experience."

Alexander Faga, Swisscom


How can we support the HR Department of Coca-Cola in redesigning its employee services following a ‘Design Thinking’ approach?

Design Thinking Workshops for Coca-Cola Global HR were carried out in collaboration with the GBS department. We facilitated Design Councils consisting of Coca-Cola employees and Coca-Cola Human Resource professionals. This was a co-creation effort to explore the Coca-Cola Global Business Services eco-system and opportunity areas for improving services and design improved Service Scenarios especially for hiring and on boarding of new Coca-Cola employees. The main outcome is a set of Prototypes & Roadmaps on how to implement the Pilots.


Our clients love working with us because our approach is not cookie cutter or dogmatic. We invest in building a relationship with you, gaining an understanding of your

organization, your stakeholders and the broader context of the challenge. Then, together we design a customized approach for you.

"Why did we not apply Design Thinking earlier at ISO? A very powerful methodology. Great investment to accelerate career development."

Boris Maggia, ISO

DesignThinkers Academy